Through the Pastoral Ministry program, MVM partners with pastors of thirty-five local churches helping them to identify ministry opportunities in their own communities which allow them to share the Gospel. By walking alongside the Mazahua pastors and the local churches
MVM is able to train and develop pastors and lay leaders who evangelize, disciple, and plant new churches.
Pastors and lay leaders attend a pastoral meeting every month at MVM where they receive encouragement, support, prayer, fellowship, and guidance. At MVM, we are able to provide a place for dialogue, learning, and spiritual refreshment.
While visiting churches, MVM's pastoral ministries coordinator, Pastor
Samuel Canales, also discovers the needs of the churches and communities; whether they are building a church addition, organizing VBS, training Sunday school teachers, or attending to an emergency need. MVM then works together with the church to find a solution or to provide some resources.
Church Partners
Casa de Restauracion
 Monte de Sion
The Potter's House
  1. Monte de Sion
    Monte de Sion
  2. Lomas del Toro, Ixtlahuaca
    Lomas del Toro, Ixtlahuaca
  3. Pastor Tacho sharing a message
    Pastor Tacho sharing a message
  4. Founding Members
    Founding Members
  5. Fellowship with Church Leaders
    Fellowship with Church Leaders
  6. Rock of Salvation in Emilio Portes Gil
    Rock of Salvation in Emilio Portes Gil
  7. The Potter's House in Las Estanzuelas
    The Potter's House in Las Estanzuelas
  8. Pastor Javier
    Pastor Javier
  9. Bethel Church in San Juanico
    Bethel Church in San Juanico
  10. Church Construction Completed
    Church Construction Completed
  11. Mount Sinai in Tepeolulco
    Mount Sinai in Tepeolulco
  12. Pastor Herminio
    Pastor Herminio
  13. Choir Emmanuel
    Choir Emmanuel
  14. Pastor Felipe & Church Leaders
    Pastor Felipe & Church Leaders
  15. Gilgal Church Plant
    Gilgal Church Plant
  16. Meeting outside during construction
    Meeting outside during construction
  17. Children were the first to attend
    Children were the first to attend
  18. El Buen Pastor
    El Buen Pastor
  19. Located in El Virgen Centro
    Located in El Virgen Centro
  20. Pastor Rosendo
    Pastor Rosendo
  21. Pastor Moises & Noe
    Pastor Moises & Noe
  22. Xhinte de Lagos
    Xhinte de Lagos
  23. Church Foundation
    Church Foundation
  24. Church Elohim
    Church Elohim
  25. Sunday School Rooms
    Sunday School Rooms
  26. Building Supplies
    Building Supplies
  27. Pastor Moises
    Pastor Moises
  28. Casa de Restauracion
    Casa de Restauracion
  29. San Bartolo del Llano
    San Bartolo del Llano
Rock of Salvation
Bethel Church
Mount Sinai
Gilgal Church Plant
El Buen Pastor
Rivers of Living Water
Iglesia Elohim