"Mazahua Valley Ministries seeks to serve and walk alongside those who are in need by bringing hope to their families through the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
Mazahua Valley Ministries is a Christian evangelical mission that equips leaders to serve their communities and churches in a holistic way through theological and secular educational programs. MVM serves as a resource to the churches of the Mazahua Valley region of Mexico. We have on-campus events such as conferences, worship services, and retreats, as well as off-campus activities working in partnership with the local pastors and churches to minister to the needs of the surrounding community.

Our facilities serve as a camping and retreat center for the local churches and short term mission teams. We also organize and host training seminars for pastors and lay leaders. Our camping and retreat rooms are able to accommodate up to 100 campers. 
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The MVM campus is located in the Mazahua Valley outside of Atlacomulco (see map) in the State of Mexico which is approximately eighty miles northwest of Mexico City in the central highlands of Mexico around 9,600 ft. The climate is fresh during the spring and summer with heavy rains; and cold with some frost during the fall and winter.
Our ministry covers a radius of forty miles including five counties: Atlacomulco, Ixtlahuaca, San Felipe del Progreso, El Oro y Temascalcingo; reaching out to about twenty four villages and thirty-five churches from different denominations
The Monarch butterflies migrate every year from Minnesota to the Mazahua Valley during the months of November-February.
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The Mazahua people are one of sixty-two indigenous groups found in Mexico. Although Mazahua is their native language, they are quickly being assimilated into the national culture. Today, many of the young people only speak Spanish. The Mazahuas are generally farmers subsisting on small plots of land. Their main crop is corn used for making tortillas, the main staple in their diet.
Lack of employment has forced many to migrate to the cities, northern border areas, or the United States to find work as vendors, masons, or domestic employees. Most children have access to primary & secondary school, but very few go on to finish the high school. Half of the population lives in extreme poverty on less than $5 a day.
The Mazahua people are known for their gift of hospitality and service, close family ties, and community, therefore; visitation is a very important aspect of our ministry.